Publication Schedule

Along with their importance for music theatre history, the decisive criterion for the choice of works to be edited was the editorial issues each presented. Accordingly, the compositions have been grouped into modules, whose titles indicate the categories dealt with throughout the edition.

Musical and Textual Parody

Transfer and Transformation
  • Louis Spohr, Joseph Karl Bernard: Faust (1816/1852) · Ed. Tina Köth-Kley · BA 8820

Performance Practice and Interpretation
  • Agostino Steffani, Ortensio Mauro: Henrico Leone (1689) · Ed. Matteo Giuggioli, Christin Seidenberg; Text Edition: Janette Seuffert · BA 8821
  • Carl Zeller, Moritz West, Ludwig Held: Der Vogelhändler (1891) · Ed. Stefanie Acquavella-Rauch · BA 8818

Speaking and Singing

Beyond Opera
  • Peter von Lindpaintner, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Carl Seydelmann: Ouverture, Entreacte, Chöre und Lieder zu Goethes Faust nach der szenischen Einrichtung von Carl Seydelmann (1832) · Ed. Antje Tumat / Andreas Münzmay · BA 8815
  • Adolphe Adam, Théophile Gautier, Jules Henri de Saint-Georges, Jean Coralli, Jules Perrot: Giselle ou les Willis (1842) · Ed. Marian Smith / Doug Fullington · BA 8819