The project for “development of tools for digital forms of scholarly music editions,” sponsored since the beginning of 2006 until June 2012 by the DFG, has ever since been an attempt to work out the requisites for durable and platform-independent digital music-edition standards. Central to this are new forms of historic-critical editions, each of whose specific problems will be considered in close cooperation with existing and recently started complete editions and philological edition projects.
The tools developed are thus conceptualized as open-source tools for representing the results of editorial work, as well as also modularly constructed editorial tools that permit an efficient application of new technologies in music philology – if nothing else than to reach a better application of scholarly findings in musical praxis.

Below please find excerpts from the Edirom which is part of the first volume "Prima la musica e poi le parole"

From the main navigator (top right) each desired item may be opened separately. Individual readings from the music and the text editions as well as from the sources are accessed by clicking on the red icons. For each individual reading all relevant sources are displayed in windows, enabling a direct comparison and overview. All windows have zoom and navigation capabilities.

A synoptic view of music and text editions searched either by numbers, scenes, measures or text is made possible by an interconnecting concordance tool which offers navigation by mouse click. The linked text of the edition leads to a commentary window, which, in this example, explains Salieri’s use of quotations.